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this is crap i went out and spent 40$ on fallout 3 and now it doesn't work for my laptop i hate this i loved the game for 360 but now it don't work stupid sony i can get it to download just not play i don't want to just download it i want to PLAY THE FRIGIN THING I SPENT MONEY TO PLAY dose anyone know how to help me please
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  1. laptop specs please, and then compare laptop specs to minimum specs for game.
  2. Apart from the hardware requirements, have you downloaded all the latest patches that are necessary for it to work with Windows 7? Have a look at this thread.
  3. This Microsoft link says that Fallout 3 is not compatible with Windows 7. Bethesda sent me another link (i have since lost it) that said that Fallout 3 nor Oblivion will run with Windows 7.

    I have Windows 7 32 bit and play both games. Fallout 3 plays perfect even.

    Did you get Fallout 3 through Steam?
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