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I purchased this motherboard over the summer when I was building my computer. The review Mobo Tsunami had just came out when I was purchasing my motherboard, ( The MSI 865PE Neo2 board was shown to be best in the test, obviously, but only when the "Ultra Turbo" performance mode was enabled in the BIOS. So since then I've always wondered where exactly that was because in the BIOS there is nothing that specifically says "Ultra Turbo" performance mode, and with games like Half Life 2 and Doom 3 coming out I want all the power I can get out of my computer. I was just wondering exactly how to enable the PAT ability of the motherboard and if there really is a big advantage. Thanks.
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  1. I believe you answered your own question. "Ultra turbo" mode will enable pat. It's a memory timing setting. Try running at case 2. If the board doesn't post, reboot and set your memory at spd or case 2.5.
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