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I'm playing COD 1 & United offensive. The problem is in both game almost in every levels the game stops to continue, I mean its running but not going to next level or objective is not updating even if I do it as it says. Therefore I've to repeat the same level or objective over & over again just to make the game continue. I think the script is not well designed so if I don't follow the exact way it stops continuing. & its hard to know what is the exact way to do a objective. Another prob is some of the characters stop moving & stand like statue unless I go to them & use the action key to animate them again. its really very annoying to repeat the same thing again & again. Its just spoiling the game! any one has any solution for this?
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  1. I'm stuck in the game COD: United Offensive in the level Sicily where you have to get the document & get into the elevator in the underground garage. I've done this dozen of time but the lift is not working when I'm pressing the action key for moving the lift!!!
  2. Is it a legit copy being played without any cheats activated?
  3. no cheats activated. even the demo versions have same problem!! really its pissing me off. I wanna finish the game but couldn't till now!
  4. Have you contacted Activision support?
  5. Are you sure you got all the latest patches, only I've never had any problems with either game.

    Should update CoD:UO, not sure if this will help what you need but i think its the latest patch for that game.
  6. Thanx buddy.
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