Selling Dell xps 630i (parting or as a whole)

Hi guys,

here is the specs.

Dell XPS 630I
intel Q9650 @ 3.00 Ghz
8gb of 800 Mhz RAM
Dell oem 750 watts PSU
Creative SB X-Fi soundcard (not installed, old card, couldn't find a stable driver for it)
pci usb 3.0
oem windows vista sticker on the case.

the case is about 90-95% clean, very clean case

selling this as a whole or parting out. let me know what u need. no low ballers please

paypal with confirmed addresses only

photos are here
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  1. How much for the Processor?
  2. 200$ shipped and it comes with a tower heat sink *see link*

    the processor sells for 200$-ish consistently on ebay
  3. up we go
  4. how much for the just the case?
    and is it the black bezel one?
  5. yes it is with the black bezel kind.

    i would say 50$+shipping...great condition for being how old it is.
  6. how much is shipping? $10-$15
  7. and could i possibly see some pictures of it?
  8. sure, what is your email, ill send them over tonight when i get home from work
  9. Actually after i posted i found the link to your pics that where posted on imageshack. :P
    I do have a couple of questions though.

    (1) Do you still have those video cards?
    (2) Have you had any problems with them?
    (3) Have they been overclocked or over heated?

    (4) how much $ is windows 7?
  10. 1) yes i have those video cards
    2) are you referring to videos cards? no, no problems at all
    3) are you still referring to video cards? no, never over overclocked them, always had them in SLI so i always had more than enough power to play my games.
    4) windows 7 ultimate - 75$
  11. pm sent
  12. Hey Kensic,

    Im interested in the case and 1 of the video cards.
    I'll give ya a $100 for the case, video card, and to cover the shipping.
    does the case come with the side panel? (i didn't see it in the pictures)
  13. i can do 100$ + shipping, because i know shipping will cost 30-40$...the case is pretty big
  14. i can do $75 for the case and shipping
    and $110 for the case, video card, and shipping

    the case is going for 43 + shipping on ebay:

  15. how does that sound?
  16. up it goes!!
  17. Still have the graphics? What is it exactly? 9800 GT or 9800 GTX?
  18. metroidfreak33 said:
    Still have the graphics? What is it exactly? 9800 GT or 9800 GTX?

    sorry, graphics card are sold. item available are the ones i listed up top, thanks
  19. up it goes 1 more time
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