Very good deal on i5 3570k ! (US only)

Hi there!

I have found a very good deal for the i5 3570k.
Only $169 !

This is Store Pick-Up Only, you cannot buy it via internet so hopefully you have a Micro Center store near where you live!

That's it. I just wanted to let you guys know if someone plan on buying this CPU. (It's a beast!)
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  1. damn! that is a really good deal. nice post
  2. Nice find, do you know if its a short-time deal or if they have actually reduced the price that low?
    If its permanent, then that is very competitive of Micro-Center, especially once you factor in the $50 off if you buy a processor and mobo.
  3. I don't know if its a short-time deal.. my guess would be yes. Until when ? I don't know.

    If they actually reduced the price that low.. I can already see website like newegg/ncix/tigerdirect with a huge price discount.

    I'm wondering if we can pricematch it on ..
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