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I am running several servers on 700Mhz and below processors and just got a hold of a 512MB SDRAM memory DIMM I would like to use but none of my current motherboards support over a 256MB SDRAM. I plan to upgrade one of my systems to a new MB and CPU but would like to use the 512MB SDRAM. Does anyone know of a MB that supports a 512MB Module. I like Shuttle and Epox from experience but I am open to any models really.

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  1. Try shuttle AK32A it's KT266A mobo so 512mb sd-ram shouldn't be problem for it (through i only used 2x256sdram in it and now I'm using one 512mb ddr stick). Also it should handle any Athlons with at least 100 FSB speed.
  2. The best chipset for PIII processors was the BX. It supports 256MB per SLOT, so server boards should support 1GB via 4 modules. Low density memory is required, I suggest you look to for this not-so-common stuff.

    Any attempts to go with a chipset that supports higher density will result in a lower performance chipset, unless you go all the way up to the i840 chipsets with RDAM.

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