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Well its finally here and freakin intense as ever, been playing the Marine and its really dark even with the flashlight and flares, the flares don't last long at all, so I turned the brightness settings all the way up in the settings and that helps.

It would have been nice to have had nightvision.

Its spooky and eerie as any of the other releases, and the Aliens really look movie similar, good heart pounding adventure, you can't save until you get to a checkpoint, that kinda sucks.

Almost 16G HDD space to install it, and of course as always the game is actually three games in one as you can play as either the Marine, Predator, or Alien.

Well the adventure continues!
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  1. I started off with the predator campaign and it was fun but way to underpowered for what it's supposed to represent (You just didn't feel like a predator). On to the Marine campaign now and you're right, this game does to a great job at remaking the desperate situations of the aliens movie as a marine.
  2. are you running it on an 4870x2 by any chance? seems that the game stutters on the 4870x2 for some reason..
  3. I had the original,i think release was something like 1999,it was a good game back then and was looking forward to playing this updated version,but upon reading reviews its not all good.They say that there is no big leap in the graphics department and the Alien and Predator controls are very difficult and awkward.
  4. andy_93 said:
    I had the original,i think release was something like 1999,it was a good game back then and was looking forward to playing this updated version,but upon reading reviews its not all good.They say that there is no big leap in the graphics department and the Alien and Predator controls are very difficult and awkward.

    Well so far the biggest negative I've run across is, I'd been playing the Marine in Single Player mode and it only saves at checkpoints, that sucks, but I had made good progress, then for the heck of it went in to play some of the Predator, got to a checkpoint and it wiped out my progress in the Marine, I had no idea it was going to do that. :pfff:

    In the old AvsP you could save individual progress of either Marine, Predator, or Alien, and not loose progress in the others, but not this release, and that sucks! :(
  5. It allows you the option to save your own save file as well. You just have to press ESC or START if you are using a joystick. Then save last checkpoint - - booya. I am in the midst of Marine right now, loving the game. Way better then the console reviews; Wish places actually cared about PC game reviews these days. It's fricking amazing in DirectX 11.
  6. My 2 cents..
    Well I pre-ordered and so got acess to the demo which im afraid to say was utter rubbish, played it for about half an hour then prayed for the full game to be better. And it is :)
    The good - Running it on dx11 and although its not graphically as impressive as mw2 it is still pretty. Games shouldnt be about shiny graphics anyway, they are nice but gameplay is where the fun lies. So I have completed the alien campaign and its fun but short and not that much in the way of content. I am currently half way through the predator campaign and loving it, stealthing about and pulling spines out from suprised marines. Marine campaign havent tried yet, I will brown myself, and I played the marine campaign from the last game for about 5mins for the same reason. I shall be brave and give it a try though.
    Multiplayer - Which is what this game is about... I absolutely love playing the alien, yes the controls are tricky at first but you do get the hang of them and I have no probs with it now, lots of fun catching stealthed predators and eating their face :)
    Marine is standard fps, except you cant crouch or go prone, and there is no ironsight for the rifle, just shoot from the hip. I suppose rebellion are staying true to the film here because its all about runnin and gunnin as a marine, if u sit still and camp you will be eaten.
    And the predator I cant comment on for mp because i have only used the pred in single player plus all the predator whores online. I want to be something different.
    The game modes are cool, with team deathmatch and infestation being my fave. Predator hunt is hard but maybe im doing something wrong.
    Oh and my one massive complaint, and it is a bigun. The game server browser is soo bad there are not enough expletives in the english language to desribe how i feel about it. No Dedi servers yet........ although they are promised. Currently its very flakey p2p matchmaking which has been nailed on top from the console version. Shame on you rebellion us PC users require a bit more. Other than that it is a great game and im sure issues like the server browser will be resolved with steam updates..
    Now im gonna go eat some face ;)
  7. Playing the Single Player Marine is intense, you definitely have to choose the right weapon the Flame Thrower works great against Eggs and Facehuggers but its not the weapon of choice against an Alien, that's for sure.

    The Shotgun is very effective against an Alien but rounds are scarce, IMO the Pulse Rifle should have a little more effective kill power than it does, but its all new territory and so far no regrets buying this game, even though 50 bucks stings in this economy right now.

    I'm presently using WinXP and playing in DX9 and the graphics look pretty good in DX9, I'm definitely looking forward to exploring the other 2 options of play.
  8. The end of the Marine Mission was a little disappointing to me, I thought I was only a third of the way through and it was over, I'm still thinking What The Heck?

    I guess that's what you get when you release a game that's a three games in one total volume, the percentage it was showing me was for all three games total progress.

    Still a great game but disappointing in the end as far as the Marine Mission goes, at least for me, however you may love the ending IDK.

    One tip to pass on, when you pick up the Smartgun, it replaces your 2 switchable weapons, if you run out of ammo you only have the pistol to fall back on, so use short bursts and when the ammo is getting low pick up a replacement before its too late, don't get too fond of the Smartgun, when its empty, its useless and in a multiple Alien attack the pistol ain't much better.

    The Smartgun can cause you to waste ammo because it can auto target through solid material you cannot shoot through, so make sure the enemy is in a direct line of fire, 150 rounds per mag.

    IMO the Flamethrower is practically useless, its great for Facehuggers and Eggs but don't get caught against the big boys holding that weapon, you can torch em up, they're on fire but keep on coming.

    The Shotgun is great for closer Alien attacks if its close enough one shot will take out an Alien, reload it often, you don't want to be reloading with Aliens on top of you, 8 rounds then full reload.

    I'd have to say the Pulse Rifle turned out to be my favorite weapon 99 rounds per mag, just remember to keep reloading it, it can empty a magazine pretty quick, and the secondary Grenade fire comes in very handy, just make sure the gap between you and the target is far enough that you don't take yourself out too.

    Almost forgot the Scoped Rifle its a single shot weapon and needs to be used from a distance, the secondary feature is Zoom Scope shot, its not the weapon to have in hand if 3 or 4 Aliens are coming at you at once, 6 rounds per mag.
  9. Are there armor piercing shells for shotgun in AvP 3? I used to play AvP 2 MP for 3-4 years and it was a lot of fun to kill aliens with one shotgun AP shot. It was just one bullet, so you could kill an alien from a longer distance with an AP shot. I was so good at it and it was so effective that many people accused me of using an aiming bot. :D
  10. @Morton

    The shotgun is very powerful but as far as armor piercing I'm not sure about that one, there's only one type of shotgun ammo you pick up, I've only played through the Marine once and there are sections that you don't want anything in your hands but the fastest firing weapons you have.

    The shotgun doesn't help much when 6 or 7 Aliens are coming at you at once, on the floor, on the walls, and on the ceiling, the Shotgun carries 8 rounds with a max of 24 in reserve, and you do not want to be reloading the 8 with 2 or 3 Aliens still right in your face.

    It did kill the Predator though, I had switched to the shotgun and he got right in front of me point blank and took the full blast, and it was over for him, of course he was already softened up from the pulse rifle.
  11. Just completed the Alien campaign and I have to admit that was fun, the hardest part beyond a shadow of a doubt was killing the Predators!
  12. I've mainly used shotgun in multiplayer games where you usually have 1-4 aliens attacking you at the same time. Since AI is probably easier than human opponents, handling 8 aliens with AP bullets in AvP 2 shouldn't be hard. You shoot, dodge and shoot again. Once you spend 8 shots reloading without getting killed can be tricky sometimes. It's a pity if they haven't included armor piercing shotgun shells in AvP 3.
  13. The server browser is released hurrah!! And now you dont disconnect after every game :)
  14. I want someone to work on a mod that add the Evac multiplayer mode from AvP2 into Aliens Vs. Predator (2010). That was my favorite mode by far. So if someone know of this being worked on, let us know. If not, someone with the skills get out there and do it... please. :)
  15. The Predator campaign is pretty freak-in good, his ability to jump is a great addition to the game play, so to sum up my total game experience, its very obvious they've set this up for a sequel the way they left the endings, and its going to be great going back through it all again. :sol:

    This Aliens vs Predator 2010 release is worth it IMO, its definitely the best FPS I've bought in a while, looking forward to the sequel if it happens! :D :hello:
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