Funky Keyboard Problem

I just picked up a generic USB keyboard, and it does the weirdest thing. It seems to 'stick', the keys do at least. I'll be typing along on my merry way, and suddenly the board will randomly repeat a key (or keys).. usually until I literally pound on the shift/enter/caps lock/ with my hand/forehad/sledgehammer.. If it just repeated a certain letteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

there, that should prove my point, earlier it did the same thing with u... and before that with ha.. which is the weirdest part, cause i've never seen a keyboard with a stuck key duplicate 2 letters back and forth in succession, such as hahahahahahaha.. normally you'd just get hahhhhaaaahhhaahh.. if it was tttttttttttt *dammit* two seperate keys..

At rate, if anyone knows anything about why this happens, let me know.. otherwise i'll go out and buy a new keyboard.

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  1. Bad, bad, bad drivers.

    What O/S are you using?
  2. I'm using Win 98, and I thought I had all the current drivers, and updates and stuff.. I'll be sure and double check them though.

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  3. USB problem or keyboard problem? Keyboard might be messed up and causing the letters or phrases to repeat. The keyboard could be screwed. I would try another one and see if the same thing happens if possible. Or find somebody with a USB keyboard and see if you could borrow it. If its a USB bandwidth problem or something with win98 then it should happen with all keyboards. This sounds like more of a defect in the keyboard because it stops when you pound the sh|t out of it.

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  4. El Cheapo keyboard huh?, made by Chinese prisoners, If you complain they will beat the prisoners some more, LOL

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