Help!, my Windows folder is f******* HUGE!


I'm using Windows 7 X64 Ultimate RTM.

I have a problem with my windows folder on my C: drive. I have a partition of 50gb dedicated to windows and programs, usually this sould be more then enough for my needs, BUT!.... something is eating all of my frre space!.

I have narrowed it down to my windows folder using cmd.exe and scanning the folder using the command "dir /a /s" with administrator rights.

as you can see, the folder takes up 42gb of space!

I also scanned all the subfolders using the same method as before, but it showed that the folders only took the 12gb of space that windows explorer can see:

I have scanned my C: drive with checkdisk, but no results i also tried using JDiskReport to scan my windows folder, but it could only see the 12gb as windows.

Anyone knows what to do?
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    Try the Free Trial version of DiskView program
    Use it on your Windows folder and see if you get any better ideas on what's happening there.
  2. I'd have a better shot if I spoke your native language but searching w/ Yahoo on the folder name or the files in it should give you a clue as to what it is.

    As for a simpler method of listing files, I'd suggest you download a free copy of PowerDesk. Then go tot he tools drop down in the menu bar and select "Find" / "File Finder" and use *.* as your search criteria. Then click on the size tab and sort all the files largest to smallest.

    Can probably do the same thing in WinExplorer but as I haven't seen windows explorer in many many years, this is the method I am most familiar with.
  3. I just solved the mystery.

    Apprently there was a VERY hidden c:\Windows\Temp folder containing hundreds of files, most of them was 100mb files, a 28gb in total. Anyway they are deleted now and i found the files using a nice piece of software called FolderSizes, since DiskView didn't work on my computer, but thanks for the hint WR2 :)
  4. Temp folders should always be the first thing to check when there's a lot of unexplained space being used.
  5. Yeah i know, but i never seen a temp folder in the Windows directory. Not that odd when i need some special third party software to even see it and delete it :)
  6. I can see my TEMP folder without 3rd party program. Just set folder view to include hidden and system files. Also can see using dos command. inaddition to the /s and /a you can also us /0 (S for sort by size) and >filename to write the list to a file and view woth program like wordpad.
  7. There's almost always a temp folder within the Windows folder... there's also one within your user folder and sometimes one in the root as well. The one within the Windows folder usually isn't hidden, but I suppose with Windows 7 that might be different. UAC did pop up when I tried to open it in Vista... but only the one time.
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