Exception_Access_Violation error on Lord of the Rings BOME

I have installed this game twice and it still gives me the same error. Exception Access Violation and It seems to play fine on another computer. Can this game run on Windows 7 64bit?
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  1. BOME? Do you mean BFME, the RTS? If so, then yes, it works on Win 7 64.
  2. I have tried everything it works on my wifes computer on a netbook but it doesnt play onmine.
  3. You system specs are fine, so we can probably rule that out. Make sure you've patched it to the latest version (think it's 1.03) and also play with your compatibility settings (shout if you don't know how to do this).

    Also which version of Windows 7 are you running?
  4. Im running 64bit. I finally fixed the freaking issue. Turns out it was my monitor resolution being to high. I have a CRt monitor on the computer it was working and I used it on my pc and it worked just fine. I stumbled on another forum, a guy had the same problem with it. Turns out my pc is to good for the freaking game.
  5. Glad you fixed it, but going back to your original post, I don't see how your resolution could cause an access violation.
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