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Hi, I just built a new box last week and have had extreme stability running over 3 days straight with no problems until today. Here's my rig: Abit IS-10 mobo with P4c 2.6ghz retail hs/fan, 400w generic power supply, 2x256 dual channel ddr400 corsair valueram, Western Digital 120gb hd (used on previous comp, no problem), FIC Radeon 9000pro (used on previous comp, no problem). The problem is this: Randomly during use the monitor starts flickering, then refreshing like to a different resolution, then the comp freezes up and the last screen before it was frozen flashes with a 1 second interlude to a black screen a few times before image disappears entirely, and nothing is shown but fragments of colors all over the screen. Reset button stops working at this point, I have to hold power button 5 seconds to get it to turn off, and if I turn on immediately I get nothing on my monitor although the power goes on and normal system noises occur. If something is on the monitor, it's the color fragments all over it. Nothing smells funny and I'm fairly certain it isn't a heat problem. I'm not sure exactly what the problem is here, this is a very weird occurance. Anyone have any clues?
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  1. Clean and check the fan on tha 9000pro. It sounds like the video card is overhearting.
  2. Weird problems like that will direct you to the video card, but i bet it's the powersupply. Weird = Powersupply.
    Look into your bios and look at your pc health status. Watch all the voltages and see if they are stable.
    It took my friends generic PS 3 months untill it decided to get weird on him.
    Basically if the vcore is set at 1.575 and it's reading 1.4** then you have a problem. Watch the numbers.. if they are jumping all over the place then you should prolly buy a new PS.

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  3. Update video card driver.
  4. CPU Temp 30c, CPU Core voltage 1.47, GPU Voltage 1.53, Radeon fan is still completely clean and operating smoothly.. I will try out a new power supply. and my drivers are the newest catalyst, 1.42 i believe? maybe 41 or 40. Newest version off ATI's page for win xp.

    Edit to add: I doubt drivers have anything to do with it because there will be flickering in the bios. monitor loses signal randomly while I am in bios then comp becomes unresponsive. sounds like video card but my case cost $8 w/ power supply so I will try that first.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by darrenfrost on 01/29/04 10:19 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  5. Is your monitor's refresh rate too high?
    Are there any yellow exclamation points anywhere in Device Manager?
  6. CPU core voltage 1.47v? That's a 1.525v CPU as I recall.

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  7. Yea. That's a generic powersupply. That's prolly the reason right there. My friend's computer with the generic PS was doing the same thing. 2.6c running with a 1.45ish vcore even though it was set a lot higher.

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  8. I don't like stearing people into buying things, but there's definately a good chance that it's your PS. If you could borrow a friends or something to test it out then i suggest that first.
    As well make sure you buy a descent powersupply. Don't buy another generic one. Fortron and Antec are great supplies, Enermax gets rated great as well. Since Antec and Enermax are the only ps's around me in stores those are the only ones that i'm really familiar with.

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    Figured i'd do it too..reality my ass.
  9. It was my power supply. I got a new one and set it all up, running with 0 crashes after 12 hours. If anyone wants to avoid my issue, the "brand name" on my old PS was Hercules (proved to be a Kevin Sorbo Hercules unfortunately). The one I have now is the weekly special from Fry's electronics, i think the name is EZ-media or something like that. If I have another problem, I will fork out the bucks for a brand name but I can't justify paying $50+ for a power supply when this is the first issue I've encountered with a generic, and all my old computers are still running (oldest over 10 years old).
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