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I installed Diablo 2 on my new rig that is running Windows 7 and I would like to share with you how I fixed several issues I had with it.

Installation went fine. And I chose the standard Video Config which is: Direct3D. I didn´t install any patches becouse my main role was to play singleplayer.
So when I tried to launch the game the screen went black for a couple of seconds and then dissapeard. Nothing else happened. Then when I opened Task manager th process was still running so I killed it. Then came my first solution that didnt result very good...I changed the video option to Direct Draw. I also changed it to comptability to Windows XP(Service Pack 3) and ticked Disable Desktop Composition. I ran the game and surprisinly it ran. I watched the intro movie but when I came to the menu all the colours where screwed up. So I went back to Direct3D and then downloaded the patch(1.12). Now the game works flawlessly, well kind of.... Becouse I noticed a important thing, the game was using 30-50% of CPU load! I still havent come to a fix to it yet. But here is what I have come up to while reading other formums: that the game uses the "old" programming way that consumes loads of CPU and almost none of GPU. The forum had a much more detaild explanation you can search it if you want: Diablo 2 CPU. And another big fix:

When you exit the game you notice that windows has turned to Windows 7 basic(no aero), you wait and aero still dosent show up. I concluded that the process still is running so I killed it. While killing the process I noticed that there were 2 rundll32.exe running. Usually there is only 1 unless you have a program that is really using it. It used 15% CPU power + 200mb ram. so I killed it and finally aero + CPU + RAM came back how they were before.

Hope this helped a little.

Erik Jansson
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  1. Hi. I finally got to running D2 on Windows 7 64bits. The trick that finally fixed the "lag" (the game used to run but so sketchily it was unplayable) is keeping the screen resolution config window open on the desktop.

    What I was already doing before but wasn't enough : running in XP SP3 compatibility mode, disabling desktop composition, running in 256 colors. Also, I need to ALT-TAB once in order to fix the colors glitch.

    As a bonus, I've installed the famed Glide Wrapper which helps with graphics quality.

    Aaaaaah goodness ! :)
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