Catalyst 10.2 Crysis Crash!

Hello, I recently got the new ATI catalyst drivers for My 5770 card. (It DOES solve the 'Grey screen' error!) But every time I have ran Crysis since i got 10.2, It crashes out within 15-25 seconds of gameplay. Can anyone think of something that's causing this or is it just a 10.2 bug?
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  1. FIXED. Apparently in DirectX 10 mode, Crysis chomps away at the system memory and in the 'Reckoning' level, it uses loads of memory and forces the game to crash. So, you have to run the game in DirectX9 mode for that level.
  2. So, nothing to do with Catalyst 10.2 - My bad. Sorry. :/
  3. This is not a DX issue, this requires a patch from ATI or Crysis support team.
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