Problems with fallout 3 pc windows 7

So I used to play fallout 3 on this computer and I think on windows 7 as well though im not sure, but I stopped playing for a few months then couple of days ago wanted to start over but now I am facing couple of very annyoing problems:
1. It takes around 2 minutes to load one of my saved games or just start a new game.
2. The game freezes every few minutes for about one or two minutes then I can carry on playing for few minutes.

Anyone knows why?
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  1. Have you gone through the checklist? You might also want to close all background programs when running the game, and making sure your drivers are up-to-date.
  2. defrag maybe?
  3. There is a patch out..have you tried it? I had issues with freezing after loading a saved game and the patch fixed it.
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