Random slowdowns in all games please help!!!!!

My comp specs are AMD 3600X2 2ghz, 2 gig ram, MNV2 motherboard, calibre 9600gt graphics card, 430w psu.

My problem is that In virtually all the games i Play they will be running great one second then slow down to around 10fps for upto a couple of mins then start going fine again for a while and then slow again. This happens in even relativly undemanding games as well. I have so far checked both card and CPU temps with card around 46C under load and CPU around 54C under load.

I have tried updateing all drivers that I can think of to no avail.

Any suggestions that anyone has would be most welcome.

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  1. What make of PSU?

    How many background tasks running? AV? iTunes? etc.
  2. Hmmm, I've got an 8800 and it will NOT run properly with a 420w psu, consider at least a 500-550w psu....:)
  3. I agree with dokk2, you really need more power, run OCCT and see if the PSU even makes the rated power, something else yopu might want to check, your running a ASUS motherboard, and I have much the same problem, if I open 6 or 7 web pages or play graphic intensive games it CTD, BSOD's etc,( I have a M2N68+AM3) check and see if the memory is on the QVL list, if it isn't, and I bet it's not, get some that is, I just manually set it to CLS6( I have Kingston KVR-800 RAM( that is not on the list) and it made a real difference,(so I am going to get a new MB soon)
  4. I specifically bought the 9600gt because it only needed a 430w psu with 18amps on the 12v rail which mine has. I didnt want to have to buy a new psu when i upgraded the card. The prev owner was running it with exactly the same psu with no probs.

    I was previously running a 7600gt and it had the same problem and Im sure 430w is enough for that.
    As to the mother board and memory what is the QVL list, and how do i change it manually?

    I only have AVG anti virus running in background no memory intensive tasks going when I have check during a slowdown CPU only at around 50-70% full for game and nothing else significant is running.

    PSU is a thermaltake
  5. Still needs to be a decent PSU no matter what the ratings. Check out the number of failures here:

  6. Ok so i may need a new PSU any advice as to how many watts i need and a good but cheap brand? I just want something that will do the job at the least possible cost.

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