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A friend of mine has a Medion computer. She gets popups and spyware constantly. So she decided to format her computer, and upon rebooting, and just going to the homepage that XP sets ie to, there were a ton of pop ups. So then she went to download adaware and she had 616 new objects. After reformatting your hard drive how is it possible to have so many problems with spyware already? Could they somehow be coming thru the ISP? The ISP is Lightbound. We deleted the partition with windows on it and created a new one and partitioned it and did a clean install of XP. Did not install any 3rd party programs besides Ad-Aware. Can someone tell me how this can be possible??
Thanks for any insight :)
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  1. What you explained does not sound right. Sounds like she just reinstalled the OS over the old code. Download SP2 for XP to stop the ads. You can also have her download mozilla to block all of the ads. If she possessed that much spyware then hope she has anti-virus.
  2. We went and deleted the partition, created a new partition and formatted it. Its not just certain sites, its every site. Something just isn't right and we don't know how to fix it . :/ LIke without getting SP2 and everything else, why would this happen anyway?
  3. I like to use “myway” for browsing. SP2 will have some pop up features, and I also use another popup filter on top of that, also use Zone Alarm, spybot, spy sweeper and have <A HREF="http://www.blackviper.com/index.html" target="_new">services </A> shut down that I don’t use, which some or security risk. You also might want to check in add and remove programs to make sure no spy bot stuff got install, also check your start up to see what is loaded. I didn’t leak to everything, so you might want to check that stuff out and the stuff is free, accept Zone Alarm and pop up blocker. Last I knew you could use AVG for free, which is a Anti virus. You can also check your Windows Task Manger and see what is running, chance are a lot if you didn’t disable any services, but if you don’t recognize anything search to find out what it is. If some spybot is loading, either spybot will have to kill it or your have to track it down. That should get you started.
  4. You may have to disable messenger in win xp. Messenger is not the same as instant messanger, it works on a different level. In xp go to run (start menu)>type "msconfig"> go to the tab on the far right of the page> look for messenger and click to remove the check> save and close. The system will prompt to reboot and will tell you that you have made changes to the system utility or some such thing. Just click " don't show this again " and ok. You might want to call your isp and ask them how to release/renew the ip address. The problem might be that spammers/adware co's are sending messages to your friends computer and I think messenger is like an unprotected port. once the external ip address is discovered (not too difficult)it's easy to send a continous stream of spam to your computer. If you don't already have a firewall it would be a good idea to install one. You can get a free one here <A HREF="http://www.zonelabs.com" target="_new">http://www.zonelabs.com</A>. Let me know how that works.

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  5. Installing SP2 will also automatically disable the Windows Messenger service. (Not to be confused with MSN Messenger).

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  6. You're right, this ISN'T normal. It sounds as if you know how to properly partition and install windows, so I have to ask... is it a legitimate copy of Windows?

    If Medion (with whom I'm not familiar) give out "restore CDs", it's possible (but unlikely) that the hidden Windows partition has been messed with, making the CD copy back the spyware you'd just deleted. If the CD is copied, the problem could be right there. In any case, even if it's a legitimate full-install CD, I suggest getting hold of a CD from somebody else and installing from that (you don't have to activate, just see if it works).

    You say you didn't install any third-party progs... does that include drivers? Do you mean you just installed XP, set up your internet, and started getting these popups? In that case I'd suggest having a look at the ISP's disc (if it's not a manual setup). If that seems harmless, reinstall XP and install a firewall BEFORE connecting your net cable. XP's Internet Connection Firewall should do the trick if you don't have another.

    You also mention "the homepage that XP sets IE to". What page is this? I believe all version of Windows for several years have used msn.com as their default, is yours different?

    If you can't solve the problem with any information given so far, please reply to this post with some information:

    Internet Explorer's exact homepage
    The precise version of Windows (start -> run -> "winver")
    Every process listed in Task Manager
    The details of your Internet connection (excluding username and password, naturally)

    With luck, the problem will be glaringly obvious from those details.

  7. also id recommend downloading a free copy of the Firefox browser. I just switched last week and its a stunning browser compared to IE. Of special note is that it blocks pop ups automatically and is only 4mb to download!!

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