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Currently running Nvidia 280M. Starting about 3 weeks ago while in raids or high population cities I am getting a black screen in WoW with a "display driver has stopped responding and recovered". Some days I am fine, some days it blacks out 3 times in 30 seconds. Most of the time it will go back to the game but sometimes my entire computer shuts down.
All drivers are updated, my performance rating is basically perfect. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

4 Gb of RAM
Intel Core(2) Quad CPU Q9000 @ 2.00 GHz
64 bit OS Vista Premium
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  1. In the past 5 minutes I have recieved about 20 black screens after having just started the game and my computer.
  2. type your problem in google and you should see a good amount of people that have had the same problem. I used to have the problem way back when i first got my 8800gts but then all of a sudden it went away. I all of a sudden because I can't remember exactly since it was 3 or so years ago. Make sure of course to have all windows updates and especially service packs also know as SP. Make sure you get your video driver from the NVIDIA website. Other then that refer to what i said first.
  3. sometimes the latest drivers introduce problems - did you update your drivers just before you started getting this problem? try rolling back to the driver you were using before
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