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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-CR390, Windows vista business.It's not a gaming PC but good enough for some old games like Counter-Strike.

In CS, the prolem happens when I press W(forward), then A(strafe left), it's still moving. But when the A key is released while the W key isn't, it's stopped. I have to release and press the W again to keep on moving.

In notepad or some typing applications, when i hold a key like "M" the "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.." appears, then I hold the "N" while holding "M", the "nnnnnnnnn.." appears. But as soon as the "N" is released while the "M" isn't, nothing happens, just like I'm not pressing any key. I have to release the "M" and press it again for another "mmmmmmmmmmm...".

I've already tried some other keyboards with PS2 to USB switch but nothing changes.

And I've checked Windows Keyboard setting and Ease of Access but nothing is related to this.

Is there anyway to fix it!
Sorry for my bad Enlish:( !!
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  1. Yea, thats how keyboards work. i tried it in notepad and got the same results as you.
  2. I'm not sure how the Vaio keyboard works, but it sounds to me like it's the keyboard. You might be better off getting a usb keyboard for €15 or maybe one of those programmable keypads for gamers. Also I wouldnt worry about this problem in notepad, all word processing software is designed to ignore too many button presses as it assumes it's a typing mistake.
  3. Actually! My keyboard is ignored by games. My desktop is back form warranty now and the problem is solved. But Thanks for replying and have a nice day!
  4. it's not the keyboard, but it's a windows 7 bug.
    Same behavior on my laptop too. It looks like windows 7 it's releasing a old pressed key when another new key is pressed.
    I'm still looking for a fix
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