Blackfriday Electronics Returns?

Hi guys

So this blackfriday I want to purchase a laptop. Ive done countless hours of research and I'll try to see what deals best buy has on blackfriday. Lets pretend that I purchased a $900 gaming laptop from best buy and then I re-researched it when i got home and didnt like it, if the box is unopened can i return it for %100 refund? I understand theres %15 fee for opened.

Also what about TV's? Say my brother is at walmart and im at best buy and we each buy a "few' Tv's and then we want to return them are there any restocking fees associated with that? Thank you!
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  1. From my experience, you are able to return it as long as you stay within the policy on the receipt .

    Typically that is with 30 or 45 days, and unopened or damaged. However if you do open it, and it does not work properly for you. An exchange or complete refund is usually free of charge.

    Which laptop are you looking to buy? I didn't see any adds yet heh. If a good ssd comes at a good price I would be interested in getting one =o
  2. haven't really seen any good laptops on the ads but i dont think they will have a beast such as the G55VW or the MSI GT60 on sale (In store- also MSI is only online) but still if i see an HP with a GT650m i7 3610qm and say for $800 then why not :D
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