Need help in command & conquer zero hour

I always get A "missmatch multiplayer" when I play zero hour on a network. any help please? thanks
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    "Custom games can have up to eight players playing in one online game. Performance may decline in games with large numbers of players, however, due to the computation, memory, and communication demands of larger games. It is to be noted, though, that the Zero Hour expansion has a noticeably more efficient engine than the original Generals, so games run more smoothly than compared to the original Generals. Lag and failed connections do, however, remain a problem online, as do mismatches when playing across ADSL and Cable internet. A common problem includes not being able to connect to anything ever at all times of the day. Some members of the community speculate that a fault in the coding of the game exists. This causes it to consume more and more resources over time causing low frame rates and multi player lag."

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  3. Ok....

    How do I fix the mismatch error, both are no=legal coppies?
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