Heavy stuttering in MW and MW2

For some reason, when I'm gaming, I'm getting alot of stuttering, in a way where the game's time is speeding up and slowing down constantly...FPS stays constant, though. I've looked up and tried a couple of fixes, such as setting CPU affinities to only use one core out of the two I have. All other fixes I can't try, because most of them are for AMD CPUs...

intel pentium dual core e5200 2.5ghz
sapphire radeon hd 3850
2 sataII hdd, 1 ide hdd, and 1 disk drive
ASrock 4coredualsataII
450W psu
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  1. what is your ram specs?
  2. it could be the graphics card or the ram...
  3. Oh, right, the ram is DDR1 kingston PC-3200
  4. have you overclocked anything?
  5. No, everything is set to stock speeds, or auto. There's also cracking in audio, but only every now and then it starts to pulsate the cracking.
  6. There's also cracking in audio, but only every now and then it starts to pulsate the crack
  7. when you post problems you need to list ALL the components and the OS, it really does help, if you are running Vista or Win7 there is a easy fix that usually helps, if you got XP well it could be a lot of things
  8. Sorry, I just forgot what to list, I don't usually do this...Vista 64-bit, the graphics card is on AGP, with 512MB, running vista on the 80GB seagate barracuda hdd sataII
    CPU cooler is aftermarket, thermaltake's duorb
    GPU cooler is stock
    e5200 @2.5ghz 1.264V - 1.280V socket 775
  9. it may just be that you are running with old equiptment... I know when my stuff used to get really dusty (before i cared about it) it would cause audio issues like that! I would just take canned air to it.. although it sounds to me like something is just on the brink of taking a dump.. maybe your mobo im not sure...
  10. Yeah, I guess I'll take that into account...oldest equipment would actually be the ram, psu, and hard drives...does the age of the equipment cause failures in test for spinrite and memtest? I already ran spinrite, no errors, and I'm running memtest right now.
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