Need Help with Microphone Issue in L4D2

Every time I play L4D2, my logitech mic just suddenly stops working in mid-game. Before playing, I tested my mic in options and it worked fine. I tested the mic through steam settings (steam community) while in-game and that even works but it doesn't when I use it in-game. It works great in sound recorder, skype and everything else except in L4D2. I've tried many things like update my soundcard drivers and such but nothing seems to work.

I've tried reading many threads on steam forums but the problem seems to be unresolved.

I have the sample rate at 96K and 16bit depth and I'm using VIA HD Audio Deck btw.

Any advice or help will be much appreciated, thanks
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  1. similar problem, same program, via hd audio deck switches from rear to front mic even thou i do not have a front mic input , mic vorks fine a while when i minimize the l4d2 after starting a game, entering via hd audio deck and selecting rear mic, but changes back to front mic every time new map is loaded (saferooms, new campain) and occationally on random
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