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Yes i just bought the witcher enhanced edition from walmart tried to install it says incompatibility issue with tages protection driver im runin windows 7 i dont think its compatible to it because it keeps asking me to run as the administrator and i am the administrator on this pc any help would be nice drawin clueless on this looked on there web site for updates and stuff but dont see nothing for win 7
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  1. Hi, right click the setup program and see if a "run as adminstrator" option appears.
  2. clicked run as admin and says insufficient privileges you must be admin when you run this app for the first time
  3. ok got it to run now but went to register this game the witcher enchanced got to step 3 and hit send comes up this You have to be logged in to use this feature.Please enable cookies in internet explorer im on internet explorer 8 and the only thing i can think of enabling it is the privacy tab on and lower the setting down to low i did this and this still pops up went to log in to the account and the web page refreshes itself for some reason like i aint registered with them but i am.
  4. Hi, perhaps you should reset the cookies first. I know it is a bit of a hassle but the makers of the game did offer a ton for free and so need to try and make sure you have a valid copy.

    Abosolutely fantastic game.
  5. ok did that still dont work i think i waisted my money on this stupid game prob wont like it anyways tried to take back to walmart they said you can only exchange it for the same thing well now hows that for screw ya well i know now not to buy any games for awhile prob a year or so i cant believe windows 7 is that much of a difference for games to act like this wich is highly stupid im gonna go chat with there ppl to see about funds this is so freakin stupid to have to deal with something like this.
  6. regretably Win7 will be known for DRM enhancement
  7. some games wont work in windows7
  8. u might be able to sell it on e-bay or craigslist
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