Need some advice, is on-board sound good enough?

I also posted this on the sound card forum but since it seems hardly anyone checks those boards I decided to put it here too...

I'm building a new system and would like to know how good the quality is with on-board audio. The mobo im getting is the MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R, the website has this for the specs on its audio:

• 6 Channel software audio codec Realtek ALC655
• Compliance with AC97' v2.3 Spec
• Meet PC2001 audio performance requirement
• Provide onboard SPDIF out

I was thinking about getting an Audigy 2 ZS, but if im not gonna see that much improvement from it, then there is no point in spending $90 for it. I mostly game(which means 3D surround is very important) with my computer, but want to be able to listen to music and watch DVDs when I want to also. I use a headset almost all the time(Plantronics DSP 500) but also have a speaker set which I got like 3 years ago but it is great IMO, 4 speaker + subwoofer. Any advice/input would be much appreciated.
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  1. I had an old SB Live Value card that I had in an old system, when I upgraded to a new computer that had onbaord sound I figured I didn't need the SB live. I have an ATI All in Wonder card and recently decided I was going to use it to capture some shows rather then just watch TV with it. With the onboard Audio the captures had a noticable hiss. So I decided to put in the SB Live to see if the recording was better. I found out that not only is the recording way better, but the SB live provides a better frequency range. I now get way more base then with the onboard audio card, I probably get more higher frequencies as well but I can't tell on the higher end as I've had ear infections as a kid which affecting my hearing somewhat.


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  2. Did you notice any difference in any games or playing music or that was computer only? Because to me that sounds more like an incompatibility of some sort, maybe mobo related.
  3. If your really interested in great onbaord audio, then the Chaintech ZNF3-150 would be your best bet. Ive used it some in testing and the audio was great for music,movies, and games. I would say its on par with the audigy 1 for sure. Beyond the onbaord sound, the chaintech board is great perforamnce wise, although not at the very top. If its not so importnat to you, then just get the audigy 2 card with your msi board.

    One other thing to consider is that in the next few months, VIA iwll be releasing its K8T800 pro and with a new audio chipset with support of 7.1 and better audio performance. You might want to chekc into that if you can wait long enough.
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  4. Well, I like the mobo I have already selected so I don't think id change it just for better audio and I don't think I can wait either :(. My current comp is literally falling apart lol, the PSU fan is practically dead(doesn't work most of the time and when it does, it is very loud), my HD died(had to replace it with HD from previous comp, have a whole 6 gb of capacity lol), and I think my graphics card is about to buy it too(screen flickers and changes colors a lot). I think what im going to do is just go with the mobo audio, if I don't think the quality is good nough, I can always get the audigy 2.
  5. I just finnished building a system with a MSI KT6 Delta-LSR Retail for a friend. Set him up with Juster SP-3D108 speaker set, 2 small desk units and one sub. Hes a happy camper, has enough volume for him, and doesn't distort at high settings. But this was the cheap route, although it sounded pretty good to me. You could just try it and always get your sound card if your not happy with it.

    Good luck
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