When are Nvidia and ATI going to step in to promote PC gaming?

Although I've gone through a long phase of denial... It's becoming apparent to me that PC gaming is rapidly declining. The current console market is KILLING PC gaming. For the most part all we get are ports of Console titles that are often times inferior to their console counterparts. Yes.. there are still a few dwindling companies out there dedicated to PC gaming.. but for how much longer.

I think what we are seeing is a massive stagnation in the market. Game developers are handicapped by the Xbox and PS3. Years old technology, and the Massive popularity of MMO's like WoW... that are NOT pushing anything forward.

This stagnation directly impacts the profits of Nvidia and ATI. Why buy a new graphics card after all?... when an 8800 GT is sufficient for almost everything. I don't need frame-rates of 200+FPS. I think that it's time Nvidia and ATI start to explore purchasing development companies or designing their own from scratch. They both have the money and their primary products are directly tied to "Pushing the Envelope"

Everyone owns a computer, and it's not difficult to turn one into a decent gaming machine.
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  1. That is an interesting thought, why arent they promoting PC gaming since that is a huge reason why people buy their video cards?
  2. Designing their own from scratch? There is no point in doing that seeing that they already work closely with developers to optimize games for better performance. You should look up nvidia's The Way It's Meant To Be Played program if you aren't familiar with it.
  3. I disagree.. I think that designing their own games could be a very good business decision. Although they both work closely with other developers the best interest of those developers is still to sell as many games as possible. How can they do that without Xbox and PS3 support? "The Way It's Meant to be played" is really just propaganda. Why buy any new cards from either nvida or ATI when their 2 year old products are still good enough?
  4. Whats the revenue of PC games anually? $500 Million (which is no slouch). Console game revenue is about 10 Billion. (this does not include WoW).

    They dont calculate how much PC gamers spend on Hardware. That aside, PC games are more popular in most countries (excluding Japan) and I dont think the revenues listed include foreign markets. They also dont figure the faster connections needed to play PC games competetively.

    Whether PC hardware companies should give money back to the game developers is like saying why dont we lower taxes that people are already used to paying. Or the Cable TV company saying people could save money if they only bought the channels they wanted.

    PC game developers know that PC gaming systems have much more "eye candy" potential. They also know that they can make more complex and engaging games on the PC platform. So PC games will still be developed. Whether they will simply be console games with higher resolution(s) or not remains to be seen.

    Im not sure, but many PC hardware companies have razor thin margins (for profit) on their hardware. Id think that PC games will continue to be hit or miss depending what you are looking for. The quantities of games that utilize the new video card technologies are larger than you think. But hardware companies should encourage the PC game developers to take advantage of what their products can do.
  5. I don't know for ATI, but Nvidia TWIMTBP is on hiatus because they got nothing to show for atm. Just you wait for GF100, and it will ramp uip again :-p
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