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My monitor has been putting itself to sleep while I play some of my games (Such as Age of Empires and Call of Duty). It does NOT put itself to sleep when I play World of Warcraft. Do the first two games stress the system more than WoW? My PSU is only 400w. Do I need to upgrade?

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  1. What are your full computer specs?
  2. Vista 64-Bit, Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2220 , 5 GB RAM

    Its an HP a6813w.

    Sorry if I left something else out, because I don't know a whole lot about the thing or what its supposed to be.
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    Just the power setting in the control panel
    Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds > Power Options > Change Plan settings
    There should be a setting "turn off the display" try changing that.
  4. That has been changed to "Never". It still shuts itself down during games.
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