How long does it take for steam to send me verification code and secret answer a

Hi ppl, 6. 30am now, my steam account just got hijacked and i already type in all the necessary items to ask them to send the email to my email, can anyone tell me how long it takes for them to reply me?? pls!!!

thanks :bounce: im very urgernt to play so pls help!!!!
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  1. Don`t hold your breath,it could take upto a week,normally its about 3-4 days in my experiance.
  2. oh ok thx, but it already has been 5 days and nothing has happened!!! :cry:
  3. I've had mine reset on one occasion which took the good part of 7 days, don't worry, they will get back to you, it just takes a bit of time.
  4. ok, thx alot, may happen or may not but im really eager to play my L4D2!!!
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