Can't play game/Cpu?

Hey guys i have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core TK-53 1.70 ghz, its sucks but thats ok. I am trying to play a game called Drift City. It doesn't let me play because it has an error.

"Drift city has failed to start. If problem repeats reboot your system."

I've done that nothing.

After some research it turns out that error comes out If your processor speed is less than required 1.8ghz, I have 1.7ghz dual core...

So since i have duel core shouldn't it register that i have a dual core and I'll the game fine... Idk maybe something i should configure.

Please help it's being dumb. Oh and this probably because it's a dell laptop, lol they suck.
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    ^ requirements your cpu meets the reqs, what is the model of your laptop?
  2. Its an Dell Inspiron 1521 and it doesnt meet the requirements it requires 1.8ghz i have 1.7ghz dualcore, unless you mean the dualcore should run..
  3. yes your cpu does, the P4s are single core. you have 2 1.7ghz cores instead of one 1.8. And it also meets the gfx card reqs.... what OS are you using?
  4. windows 7 dual booted with vista, and they both won't work
  5. eesh, its amazing you got both of those working together. windows bootloader doesnt usually like when there are 2 versions of itself on one harddrive.
  6. would that be a reason why it isnt working?, but i installed vista after it didnt work on 7
  7. bump... any ideas anyone?
  8. have u tried running in compatability mode?
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