Seeking to sale a GTX560ti Hawk

Hello Community,

I am seeking to sale a GTX560ti the Hawk. I have never used this card and it is still in the box. I bought a GTX 448 core Ultra Classified and I cannot sli. I am willing to sale the card under priced and with free shipping within the lower 48. The price I am looking for since I would provide shipping is $170 non negotiable. Once again this card has never been used and never taken out of the box. I can provide images of the product in the box as well. This is the first time I have posted to the forum so I appreciate any help. Contact me if interested.


Website showing the card.
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  1. welcome rick,

    yeah, i have had two of these fast cards. just sold the last one to a fella in the UK.
    it is customary to have pix of the actual parts... with your name and date, so others
    know at least there are parts for sale and not dreams..

    good luck with your sale and again welcome.

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