Eyefinity with FSX

Ok, I have FSX installed, and I can run it a 5760X1200 in eyefinity mode, but it's like the image is stretched, instead of adding more real estate. Is there anything I need to do? patches or anything. Can't really find anything on google.
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  1. "like the image is stretched"? like your desktop looks pixely?
  2. Sounds like you need to edit the FOV settings but I have no idea where you would find that, it may be in the CCC files or in the FSX files.
  3. does it look stretched because of the borders between each monitor? or does each individual monitor look disproportionate?

    what monitors and graphics card do you have and how are they all connected up?
  4. Thanks all, foudn the solution. It's a setting in FSX.cfg wideview is false, needed to put it to true.
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