Modern FPS

im sick of mw2 with its no dedicated servers and highly unrealistic noob tubs, shotguns, what not

already played cod4 out eg 16 days of playing time

anyone have suggestions on some modern FPS out there? something to hold out till the medal of honor reboot maybe?

battlefield bad company 2

crysis :P

operation flashpoint dragon rising

battlefield 2142? still alive?

any game that is more realistic than cod mw2/cod4 but not a military sim like arma

dont hold back! gimme all your suggestions :D
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  1. BF2 still has loads of servers and in my opinion utterly destroys MW2 online.
  2. Bad company 2 for sure. exactly what you are looking at.
  3. MAG maybe what you are looking for, also if you are not wanting to spend a lot you can check out for their cheap games under $25. Or you could play bad company 1, you can get it for cheap and try it, becasue Bad Company 3 is the same only WAY better
  4. is bad company 2 worth the 50 bucks tho? no lean, prone...

    anyone tell me the story with the perks/specializations?

    -are they unrealistic like martyrdom :P?
  5. Yes BC2 is definitely worth it. Prone isnt a big deal, i say that prone promotes camping and EA is trying really hard to make this less n00bish than MW/MW2. Leaning isnt necessary either imo. The campaign has an incredibly interesting story with plenty of cut scenes to keep you interested and keep the story behind the game very strong.
    Next, Specs/perks, there are 3 slots for specs and in each slot you can select only one that you want to use. you need to unlock different specs by using that item or class (ex: smoke grnd launcher by using grenade launcher & shotgun upgrade by using shotguns).
    Each upgrade does a certain thing, like the shotgun upgrade, gives you a larger capacity for SG ammo, things like that.
  6. sounds alot better than marathon,lightweight,commando pro haha

    so for specializations

    -3 slots
    -can only choose 1 out of 3? or 3 out of 3?
    ---so the specializations are attachements like in cod?
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