2ms vs 5ms

so i've decided to but either

the LG M237WD-PM 23" $240 5ms comes with a tuner


the LG W2353V-PF 23" $200 2ms doesn't come with a tuner

so i am going to be using these monitors manly for gaming on my 360 but when i go off to college i kinda want to be able to tv. but if there really is a actually disadvantage between a 2ms and a 5ms for gaming and watching movies i'll just go with out the tuner and watch netflix on my 360 :love:
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  1. buy not but
  2. 5MS should be fine unless it's a crappy monitor.

    10MS was good enough to play games 8 years ago. If a monitor smears when playing games, then you got a cheap product.
  3. A higher pixel resonse time (measured in ms) means that pixels will change state faster. At 60Hz, anything over 16ms technically means no ghosting should occur, but since the listed number is only an average, this typically wasn't the case.

    As a general rule, for 60Hz, 5ms and below is fine. If the moniter goes higher though, you'll want a lower Pixel Response Time to minimize ghosting. Just remember the listed number is a best case scenereo.
  4. so from what you no about LG's will 5ms be fine i also have found a samsung for the same price and around the same specs if that would be better.

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