SSD's and 1tb HDD for sale

I have a few SSD's, a 1tb HDD and a PSU for sale.

2 OCZ Vertex 3 60gb SSD's i am wanting $40 a piece for them or if you buy them both i will do $70 on the pair shipped.

1 Sandisk Extreme 128 GB - $60 shipped.

1 Corsair HX 1050 PSU - $120 shipped.

1 Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200 HDD - $40 shipped.
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  1. could i get a pic of the Sandisk Extreme?
  2. Which specific Seagate Barracuda model is it? 7200.12, etc?
  3. It is 7200.12

  4. The Sandisk is actually still in my system until Tuesday when i receive my 840's. It runs great!
  5. Okay, so where would these be coming from? I live in Canada.
  6. im in missouri, sandisk is no longer available everything else is still here, along with a samsung 1tb 7200 drive.
  7. PM Sent
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