How do I reset the Nviada- If I cant set screen?

Please can you help can anybody help. How to I sort out reset the screen resolution if it is coming up with VGA incorrect and I cant see the screen after windows has loaded?
Having no VGA/Incorrect- I can get the Windows screens when loading. But the resolution will not match desk top- I cant see not get to the Nvidia control panel to change it back.
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  1. I dont have a Nvidia card but try starting your pc in safe mode,you maybe able to access what you need from doing that.
  2. Thank you I will try that and see if it will let me access the nvidia control panel.
  3. Safe mode will default your screen resolution to something simple and small. From there you can get into Display properties or Nvidia control panel and change your resolution to minimum, so when you restart normally you can see what's going on.
  4. As he said, into safe mode, set resolution to 800x600 and to 100% sure, uninstall the drivers and the reboot back into normal mode and reinstall drivers.
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