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I run Windows 2000 professional. I started getting IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bluescreen errors about a month ago. Never could figure out why it kept crashing. But then 2 days ago, my PC started freezing up and taking about a minute to respond to each click. So I decided to reformat and reload. I reloaded and now I can't set up my vid card. It's using the VGA adapter and doesn't give me any option to change it. I have a GeForce2 GTS card, and I installed the nvidia drivers, and Device Manager says it's working, but in the display settings, it's still using the VGA adapter and there's no way to change it.

So, I crack open the case again and take a look. The fan on my vid card isn't running. So I try blowing the dust out of it and it seems to be spinning ok, so I'm guessing that either the card is dying, or possibly the AGP slot isn't getting enough power. So, now I'm not sure if the problem is my card, the motherboard, or the power supply. Is there any sort of diagnostic software that can tell me if the slot is getting the right amount of power? Or do I just have to go find another vid card to swap out? And possibly another P/S as well? Any help on this would be appreciated. I don't really have access to spare hardware, so if there's some way to figure this out without doing that, it would be very helpful.

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  1. Classic power failure symtoms. (well except that your video card fan needs a good cleaning). With the fan clogged by dust, it draws a lot more current, which is why the problem got worse. The voltage was drawn down. Get a new psupply and clean out the fan with forced air.
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