Infinity Ward's Reckoning

Well the Internet is all in a buzz about Jason and Vince the two top guys at Infinity Ward getting axed. I understand how developers need the backing of of a publisher, but do you think Jason and Vince saw this would happen down the road with a billion dollar game franchise? It is sad that for the love of games brilliant gaming minds have to sell out to the devil that feeds them and wait for the day of reckoning that will always come. This makes me believe that Activision had more to do with the debacle that happened with MW2 and the PC crowd. They wanted the control to pull the plug and require people to purchase the new via IWNET.

Good Luck Jason and Vince. Thanks for all the fun you have brought to millions of gamers. Tell Bobby to get lost and find a job making games where it is a "REQUIREMENT" to have fun. :)
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  1. goddamn corporate giants! I swear once you punch the clock when you work for a corporation, it's like taking a step out of "democracy" and into fascism....
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