Pc restarts when i start the game

hey , so i got steam and i wanted to play supreme commander 2 demo, but everytime i start it my pc reboots right away, it doesnt get into the game at all, and i dont know why thats happening as i installed a fresh windows xp and have directx9.0c 4.09 version, i know for sure my pc is not overheating, and i really have no clue why thats happening. if you have any idea please help me out and thanks.
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  1. When your PC is booting up, Press F8 a few times, choose "Don't automatically restart on system failure". Induce the failure again, this time you presumably will be confronted with a blue screen, record the data on the screen and google for the error message number, will look something like this "0x00000009c" or something.
    Will most likely be a problem with Video drivers.

    Good Luck. Post the Error message here maybe we can help.
  2. nvm found out avast was causing the problem, disabled it and everything worked like a dream.
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