How to remove audio from gta san andreas

hey !!! i kinda have a problem with my gta san andreas ..... my pc is not good enough to run gta san andreas in a smooth proformance nd what i think is that if i delete the audio from my game maby it would run faster.. i do this with other games too. but i dont know how to remove the audio without harming my game. plz helppp!! :(
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  1. To completely stop audio from working on your PC you would have to disable the relevant services from Administrative tools\Services. But i do not think it is worth it, i mean what kind of gameplay do you expect from a game with no sound? Also the gains that you will get from not having audio at all are minimal. You HAVE to upgrade in order to play the game properly, sorry.
  2. c i dont want the audio stopped from my computer i just wanna know how to erase the audio files (of gta san andreas) with out harming my game. plz help.
  3. For the radio choose user data or whatever it's called (or turn it off)

    For the sound effects - unless you are runnin a PIII600 or something I can't see how that would affect your framerate too much. Just turn all the volumes to off and it will probably not trigger the event playing?

    Also, did SA have an option to leave the audio on the dvd as a minimum install kinda thing? If so then you could copy them onto your hard drive if you have space. Obviously the Steam version won't have this option if that's what you are running.
  4. What are your PC specs?
  5. i've got every the requirements meet but i kinda dont have a 3d card
    thats my problem..... :( ..
  6. ada wong said:
    i've got every the requirements meet but i kinda dont have a 3d card
    thats my problem..... :( ..

    Then removing sounds won't help at all. You are bound by the GPU. Nothing will help you except getting an actual 3D card.

    San Andreas these days doesn't require much either. You could probably get a good video card for less then $75 to run if that's all you want. Heck, for around $100, you could still get some pretty decent cards that will allow you to run even other games more recent than San Andreas.
  7. Deleting the sounds from the game will do nothing at all regarding performance. Like i said before, you will need to upgrade your system.
  8. Deleting sounds will not make any difference to game play,I think sounds are managed by the onboard sound or by a sound card!Not a gfx card!
  9. i think you can simply remove the audio from the program folder...
    there is a simple & detailed guide to this:
    check this out:
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