Selling My Ubber Computer (in my opinion) built for overclocking

:sol: I am selling my gaming computer that I built. Every part was purchased brand new from Newegg with the intent of overclocking. I am selling this because I have gone back to college and I need the extra cash. I never got around to overclocking, and all the parts are in very good condition. I can post pictures with the specs on Ebay if you want, but I figured that I would post here first to see if any fellow gamers,video editors, or enthusiasts would want it. At the time I purchased these items it cost me $2,500 - $2,600. I am willing to take offers, because I have no idea what this build is worth now. No offers under $1,200 please lol

Here are the Specs:

Case -------------- Cooler master Haf X -------------------
Motherboard ----- Evga x58 Classified 3 ------------------
CPU --------------- Intel i7 950 -----------------------------
Cpu Cooler ------- Cooler master Hyper 212 plus ---------
Ram --------------- 6 gigs Patriot Triple Channel ----------
Video Cards ------ Two PnY Geforce Gtx 580s -------------
Power Supply ----- 1200watt Cooler master Gold ---------
Hard Drive ---------640 gig Western Digital ----------------
SSD drives --------- Two Crucial 64 gig SSDs --------------
Soundcard --------- Creative SoundBlaster XiFi -----------

Like I said before, all the parts are in very good condition and I have never had a problem. As far as performance goes, I've played all the best games there is at well over 60 FPS no problem for example: Warcraft, StarCraft 2, Metro 2033, Crysis, Diablo 3, League of Legends, Black OPs, MW3, and Black OPs 2.
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  1. Only one SSD is actually hooked up, I never got around to hooking up the 2nd one XD
  2. You're probably looking at around $1,100 for the whole thing.
  3. are you selling anything seperate?
  4. pm sent
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