Should GOG release Ultima?

Okay, Good Ol Games has been releasing some great old games (starting with Duke 3D). Recently, they've been going on a Sierra/Activision kick (Gabriel Knight 1 & 2, Phantasmagoria 1 & 2, King's Quest, Vampire Masquerade, etc).

How many would LOVE to see them release all the Ultima's so they run under XP/Vista/W7 whether it be through Dos BOX or whatever?

I know I would!
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  1. Would be nice; Ultima and Wizardry are the golden oldies of RPG's, and would be nice to play them again...
  2. I forgot about Wizardry. Definitely need to have those as well. Not sure if the first three came out on PC. I remember playing them on my Apple //e though!
  3. Well, I dug out my old Ultima CD collection and I was able to get 1 through 8 to work just fine with DosBox.

    I then dug out Ultima IX and lo-and-behold, after getting the official patches and then another user community release patch that fixes a myriad of other bugs, Ultima IX works just splendidly under Windows 7 64-bit! Ahh, brings back memories of the days of being the Avatar as well as fond memories of playing on my Apple ][ and //e computer.
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