Silent Hill 2 for PC: netbook serious issue


A friend of mine has a netbook and he installed SH2 for pc on it. I know there are some issues about video compatibility with new systems about the shadow vertex, but that's not the problem at all. Once installed, he tried to run the game, but only appeared a black screen. He had to open the tasks admin. each time to close the game.

Here are the sys. specs.:

VGA: Mobile Intel 945 express chipset family; 512 MB
CPU: Intel Atom N270 1,60 MHz (dual)
Graphics Controller: Intel Graphics Media Acelerator Driver for Mobile
RAM: 1gb
OS: Win XP service pack 3 Home Edition

Please help!
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  1. simple, you cannot game on a netbook.
  2. mmh? he can play even RE4...
  3. I find that very hard to believe. RE4 came out WAY after SH2 did on the PC.

    It's a netbook. They are not meant for gaming, period.
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    Netbook are made for ONLY surfing the NET. NO gaming whatsoever.
  5. ok ok ok...understood.

    Thanks you anyway!
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