WTT/WTS extreme4, two 7950s, hx750, phantom full, parts

I'm trying to downsize my build to an mITX, so I will consider trades for a white prodigy, mITX mobo, and a single 7970.

Here's what I have (still together using it):

- ASRock z77 extreme4 SOLD
- Cooler Master v6 GT $35
- crossfired sapphire 7950s SOLD
- corsair hx750 $95
- nzxt white phantom full tower (with 5 blue led fans) *Want to trade for mITX case

Everything was bought in october and still works flawlessly, just wanting to downsize to a smaller setup so I can transport it more easily. I will sell it in parts so just shoot me some offers, but I'd prefer to trade for mITX parts.

Here is an imgur album of the build:
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  1. I've got a AsRock Z77 itx board if you're interested.
  2. Trade or selling it?
  3. bump
  4. Trade it.
  5. Or both, lol.
  6. Can you get me a link to the board you have?
  7. Just the board I was hoping to get! What were you looking to trade?
  8. PM Sent.
  9. PM sent
  10. Extreme4 has been sold
  11. You can get those Sapphire cards new from New Egg for 279 with 3 free games shipped free
  12. Video Cards have been sold! The extreme4 is back up for sale, along with a cooler master v6 GT cooler

    EDIT: Well it looks like the extreme4 is sold again...!
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