Can I move Bioshock 2 saved games to new Windows Install

I was playing trough Bioshock 2 and was close to the end but I had a problem with Win7 and had to reinstall it along with BS2, I backed up the saved games but when I place them in the savedgames directoy nothing happens, I cant see them when I enter the game (if I save a new game it saves in the same directory) is there a way around this? can I import the old saved games in the new installation? BTW I'm was playing it with an offline profile (same name in old and new isntallations)
Hope you guys can help, it's a good game but don't really want to play trough it again :cry:
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  1. It may be that there were other files that also needed to be backed up, in which case you are out of luck. I hope you get better advice from someone else...
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    Not tried it myself, but this is looking like the right process:

    Not sure if that helps, or means you're out of luck.
  3. ThanX 4 the quick answers guys, the link is very helpful the sad part is I'm out of luck, I did backup the saved games but not the GFW profile. Still can't figure out why they put this type of protection on saved games but it's good to know specially with so many great games that are using GFW now like Arkaham Asylum, Borderlands, Bioshock 2, etc etc

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