I5-3570k Cyber Monday Deals?

Has anybody heard any rumors or seen any sales on the Intel i5-3570k this monday? I don't live near a Micro Center or Tiger Direct. It is the last part I need for my build and i'd like to pick it up. Thank you for your time
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  1. From what I've seen, no online retailer has listed this bad boy for less than $200.

    I got mine from NCIX for $200 with no rebate and they threw in an intel t-shirt

    So I wouldn't hold my breath for a price under $200 :(
  2. Yeah, I just caved and bought it full price (219.99) from Amazon (newegg was sold out). Annoyed because Fry's had the processor and an MSI mobo combo'd together for 170 after rebate, but I got there too late, 15 minutes after open lol. I just got tired of seeing EVERY other part just sitting in my room, so I just got it, building on friday :D
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