All Games Freeze But Don't Crash? Help!

I've been having this bizarre problem lately where any time I play a pc game it will freeze the computer but not crash. In other words, if I wait for about 2 minutes, the game will come back to life as if nothing had happened. Then it might freeze again, or it might continue as normal.

What's really confusing me is that it can happen when I'm playing a game for 5 minutes, or for 2 hours. As far as I can tell all of my hardware is working properly, and at the times of the freezes my processor and memory aren't even close to reaching their limit.

Please if anyone can help that would be great! So far no one has bothered answering this problem for me, and I would really like to solve it.

Here are my specs:

Intel Core 2 Duo
E6600 (2.4Ghz)
Artic Cooling Freezer 7
EVGA Nforce 680i Motherboard
2 Gig Corsair Dominator DDR2 XMS Ram (Clocked at 1066mhz)
MSI Geforce 260GTX Video Card (Overclocked Edition)
Aerocool ZeroDBA 620Watt Power Supply
Creative Xi-Fi Gamer Sound Card
Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)
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  1. "pc game it will freeze"

    Does the PC freeze? If you have a G19 with LCD does the time on the LCD still keep working or can you alt+tab out of the game to desktop?
  2. The PC game itself appears to freeze. I can alt-tab out of the game, but it won't go back to the desktop until the game starts running normally again. Sorry if I wasn't clear on it.

    Also for further information, sometimes I can move just my mouse around, then the mouse will freeze as well. Sound also cuts out during every freeze.
  3. My computer isn't near any heaters or anything like that. The space it's in is a little confined but certainly not enough to reduce airflow. However I haven't cleaned the dust out of my computer in a few months and my computer is a dust magnet.

    What program would you recommend for setting my video card fan speed to 100%? Is there a setting in Windows 7 that can do this, or an Nvidia setting?

    As far as I know no older games run into trouble. However Left 4 Dead 2 never runs into the freezing problem. Sometimes the sound will cut out for a few minutes and then the next game will load slowly, but no freezing.

    Games like Starcraft haven't had any trouble, but I haven't played it in a while. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds was crashing, but I assumed it was an compatibility issue.
  4. L4D2 has some high graphics in it so I would not THINK its a downclocking problem from getting hot so the 100% fan test would not tell you much knowing L4D2 runs.

    Going to guess that you have a SB X-Fi sound card? B )
  5. If this is your video card

    The after burner program to OC the card will let you turn your fan to 100% and DOWNCLOCK it to the stock settings.

    That is if its not the Win7 64bit X-fi driver. Video fan and downclock would be easyer to test for before messing with the sound driver probelm if your Win7 64.
  6. I know this issue: nforce mobos have this problem, although I'm not 100% sure what the actual cause is...

    I THINK its a RAM/Mobo compatability issue; I know in my case (790i), I had to have a FSB/RAM ratio of exactly 1:1, and had to raise voltages across the board (CPU, NB, and RAM) to get stability. [Went from multiple lockups per day, to maybe one freeze every 2 months or so].

    I can't confirm this is what you are experiancing, but it sounds like the same problem...
  7. Could be but it would have allways bean there and with ALL games. I do like the voltage bumps on the mobo idea though. If the video card fan at 100% and downclocked to stock does not fix/help bumping the mobo volts would be a great place to start next.

    Its hard to fix little things like this in person yet alone online. LOL...
  8. Lets see, I'll try to answer all of these as best as I can!

    My video card is the same as the one you linked to KC8DKT - N260GTX-T2D896-OC

    Yes I do have a Soundblaster Xi-Fi Sound Card - Gamer Edition

    However I have Windows 7 32-bit and I downloaded the most up to date drivers.

    Isn't bumping voltages dangerous though? That's interesting about the ram/mobo compatibility issue though, if only because a year ago I had to replace the same memory before because one stick suddenly crapped out.

    According to Corsair the memory settings I put for my ram are what they should be, but maybe I should downclock it?

    Also it bugs me that when I used Windows XP before, I never encountered any problems like this.

    Gamerk316, did your comp start having issues immediately, or did it take several months to start having trouble?
  9. Please check your THG private msg.
  10. I have had somewhat similar problems with games freezing up in Windows 7. The system doesn't freeze or anything, I can alt-tab out of them. Strange thing is, it doesn't happen with assassin's creed 1, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 or Battlefield company 2... but it does happen within about 45 mins of playing GTA IV, about 1 hour of Supreme Commander, and about 2 hours of Avatar.

    I'm pretty stumped because all games and hardware drivers are up to date.

    Event log says either: Application error 1000

    or sometimes GTA IV says Application Hang 1002

    Anyone able to help?
  11. I have exactly the same problem!
    Games freeze, but if I press Alt+Ctrl+Del I go right to the windows menu where you can lock comp, switch user or open task manager and I can hear the game unfreeze because the music turns back on. So I simply press Cancel and the game goes on like nothing happend. Of course after a few minutes the same thing happens again.
    It's like I have to switch to windows for a second to unfreeze the game.
    Any ideas why is this happening?

    I have a clean install of Win 7 64bit, did all memtest64 and other stress test on cpu, gpu etc. and all seems fine.
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