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As the title says, do any of you use the website goodoldgames?

I was recently informed about it from a mate and had a look about and it's quite a nice site, even got myself 3 games for free. The community seems quite mature as well which is quite nice, was just wondering if there are any others who buy from it / have opinions of it?
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  1. I broguht a few old games (Red Baron pack, Duke Nukem), but still prefer services like Steam. Worth a look for anyone interested in older games though.
  2. GOG is great because ALL the games are DRM free and you can download them as many times as you need/want. SO many classics are there right now with more on the horizon.

    I don't see it as a replacement for Steam. In fact, it's more of a companion to it. Heck, most games are $5.99. The most expensive was $9.99 that I've seen so far.

    I think what GoG is doing is a great service for those "good 'ol games" we used to play but can no longer get. I just hope they can somehow work with EA to get the Ultima Series released so they can work under Windows 7. I would definitely plunk down the hard-earned cash for those games!
  3. GOG is INCREDIBLE. Like the man said, DRM free so you can just sign in from any computer and Download for as long as the website exists. They have a great library of games.
  4. I would marry GoG if I could. That's how good it is.
  5. +1 from me, GOG is a treasure chest for us PC old-timers.
  6. Hey... I'm only 24. :)
  7. fisch said:
    Hey... I'm only 24. :)

    What's the first PC game you ever played?
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