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i have been using a wired connection with TVersity to stream movies to my ps3. dvd+BD stream fine while wired but i just got Roadrunner lightning and its now setup as wireless for my ps3 but only the dvd's will stream without lagging, the blu-rays start to lag at the start of the movie. tested ps3 connection and DL speed is now 12-14mb+ compared to my old RR turbo that was 2-3mb on test while wired. bluray's lagged before with RR turbo which was 15mb net. is it my pc or a setting or can you not stream bluray movies wirelessly because of the file size? and would netflix streaming lag while wireless or no?
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  1. Well I am not 100% nor 60% sure about this but, the connection between your pc, the wireless part can't handle the shear file size of BD quality, while netflix would most likely have a lower resolution for displaying HD like 1300 something by 750 something instead of 1920-1080p like true BD
  2. It's the bit-rate most likely. If you hit the "display" button while watching a BD movie, generally it's 10 to over 20 MB/s at 1080p resolution whereas a DVD is about a quarter of that. For an 802.11(g) wifi connection with a 54mb/s max rate, that works out to about 7 MB/s data transfer rate (1 Byte = 8 bits).

    Your overall bit-rate will be constrained by the lowest-speed portion of the connection, so while you can have a pretty fast Internet connection and a 100 mb/s Ethernet wired connection, which when adequately buffered will let you watch a BD movie without stuttering or lagging, the slow wifi connection could mean the buffer empties and has to refill before the movie can start up again.

    Netflix and Hulu and other streaming sites use Adobe Flash or other streaming software, which compresses the movie considerably to reduce the bandwidth requirement. That's why you can watch Lost in HD on and not see any stuttering (at least one a good night with the servers not loaded down). But if you were to compare side-by-side with an uncompressed BD version, the difference would be noticeable.
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