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Hello, About a year ago, before being introduced to on-line gaming, I bought a 24" iMac (3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 duo w/4GB DDR3 & NVIDIA GT130). I use the Boot Camp partition and Win 7-32 bit OS for gaming (et al Windows applications).

I'm a noob and not very knowledgeable about computers generally (especially gaming rigs)...

Problem: I just loaded my pre-ordered BFBC2 and it is almost unplayable due to "choppiness" (Framing?) - even in the early SP campaigns - so I anticipate the problem will only worsen.

Note: my Boot Camp partition (60 GB total) had only 8 GB available, so I loaded BFBC2 on an external HDD/USB 2.0 (as I did successfully with MW2). I'm trying to avoid re-partitioning - or deleting programs/games - unless absolutely necessary.

Question: did I waste $50 on BFBC2? Is there a way to make it playable? Or, will I need to (eventually) buy a proper gaming rig to run this game - especially in advance of going on-line to MP servers?
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  1. playing a game off of a usb external? that would explain it i think. also, 8gb of HD space can significantly slow down your speeds.
  2. Thx for the reply.

    Yes, I realize running the game off an external, USB, HDD is not ideal. Note: that is, however, the same method I've use to install and successfully play MW2 since its release.

    Yes, I realize that increasing my partition size so I can install BFBC2 directly on my rig's C: drive is the better way to go.

    However, the dilemma I now face is: whether (or not) to take the time to increase the Boot Camp partition (which is a daunting, time consuming task and will require the re-installation of all apps & games).

    So, my REAL question for this forum/experienced gamers is:

    Do you feel my rig (which is marginal) will successfully run BFBC2?

    If the answer is yes, any comments/ideas about recommended video card/system settings - to run/optimize it on my iMac/ NVIDIA GT130 - would be greatly appreciated
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