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I am looking for a good P3 motherboard. I am going to put in a socket 370 1 gig. I don't care about the ram type SD, DDR, or RD. I never built any P3 systems so I have no idea what boards were good. Any ideas? Thanks.
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  1. Why you want to build a P3 in current days? Do you have a 1 GHz or faster P3 with 512 MB or more SDRAM? Otherwise I see no reason for building P3 system today. Remember, P3 platforms are completely outdated and SDRAM is expensive and harder to find nowdays.

    I recommend ASUS TUSL2-C. This board uses SDRAM

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  2. I have a 3.4 Gig P4 (OC'd 2.8) and an Athlon 64 3200+ system. I found a 1 Ghz. P3 sitting in a box and I have tons of SDRAM. I thought it would be a decent box to run gentoo or debian on. Thanks for the idea on the Asus. I look for it.
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