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Is it just me or does there appear to be a major shortage of PS3 consoles? I have looked on Newegg, Amazon, BB, Fry's, CompUSA, Tiger, and lastly Sony's own store and everyone is out of stock. I went to 3 local BBs and they were completely bare of any PS3s. I am mainly interested in the 250Gb version and I have no intention of buying from ebay or any other place I am not familiar with. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't some weird local thing. Thanks.

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  1. There is a shortage in SE Michigan. I believe you can replace the harddrive of a PS3 so if you find a 120 gb version you could upgrade the HD yourself.
  2. If you do buy a slim Ps3 and want to upgrade the the HDD you will more than likely need to manually donw load the firmware from the internet.

    My original PS3 died and I had bought a slim to replace it and had a 500gb drive tp upgrade the supplied 120gb drive.

    Now normally swapping the drive and powering up would just ask you to format the drive before you can use it - BUT in the case of the slim (with an unused HDD) and had to donwload the Firmware and copy it to a flash drive then install it on the PS3 before using the new HDD.

    It might sound a little tricky - but the on screen prompts are easy to follow
  3. Looks like Newegg have teh 250G in stock now:

    Newegg constantly gets shipments multiple times a day, for all items. I've wanted certain items in the past and were sold out in literally have hit refresh and they are in stock. I've also had it the other way around.

    I know what you mean with the shortage. I bought the 120GB model about 2 weeks ago and had gone to 4 stores and called every gamestop in the area and no one had them. The guy at Best Buy in the games departments said he had heard Target had them come in today. Sure enough I stopped in and they had 3 left. From what I gather they had lowered their production after the holidays and apparently demand exceeded their projections.
  4. Thanks guys. Got a message from Newegg last night saying they finally had them in stock. So it is on order. As far as upgrading the hard drive I don't mind paying the $50 extra to double the storage and keep it under warranty. This is a present for my girlfriend. If it was just for me then I would either dump the biggest drive I could find into it to maybe even an SSD. Just found it odd that for almost a week, no had them in stock.
  5. A 250GB HD will run you $50 anyways. I'm glad they didn't jack the price $100 for the bigger HD this go around. I think they realized everyone was upgrading their own and made it a bit more appetizing to get the factory installed HD. I still am not totally sure why you would need more the 250GB on a PS3 anyways. Maybe someone can answer that for me as I only owned mine for a few weeks.
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